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Examples and Integration tests setup:

This project has some examples and unit tests which rely on a locally running Ldap server instance.

The following sections will guide you of how to set this up properly:

We are using the default OpenDJ installation which comes with test data. The .Domain project contains entities which reflect the test data (mappings) and also the setup/configuration to your Ldap server (DomainSetup.cs).
Both, the website and the integration tests are using those.

To set it up properly you might have to:

1. Download OpenDJ 2.6.0 or higher

Download it from

2. Install OpenDJ

Follow the installation instructions on the web site to install OpenDJ with the default installer and also create the sample dataset!
Simplified instructions (for Windows installer):

  • Unzip the package to some folder
  • Run setup.bat
  • Click through the wizard and make sure you are setting the following properties 
    (If you use different settings, you have to change the code in LinqToLdapExtensions.Domain\DomainSetup.cs!)
  • Server must be your localhost and it should be running on port 389
    • Root User DN: Directory Manager
    • Password: password
    • Choose standalone server
    • Directory Base DN: dc=unit,dc=test
    • Directory Data: Choose to Import auto generated sample data (leave number of entities = 2000)
    • Click through the rest of the wizard pages and complete the setup
    • This should have started your new Ldap server...
  • Run \Bat\control-panel.bat to verify the instance is running.

3. Run

Run the integration tests and see if you get some errors. If not, have fun! ;)


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