Examples and Integration tests setup:

This project has some examples and unit tests which rely on a locally running Ldap server instance.

The following sections will guide you of how to set this up properly:

We are using the default OpenDJ installation which comes with test data. The .Domain project contains entities which reflect the test data (mappings) and also the setup/configuration to your Ldap server (DomainSetup.cs).
Both, the website and the integration tests are using those.

To set it up properly you might have to:

1. Download OpenDJ 2.6.0 or higher

Download it from https://backstage.forgerock.com/#/downloads/enterprise

2. Install OpenDJ

Follow the installation instructions on the web site to install OpenDJ with the default installer and also create the sample dataset!
Simplified instructions (for Windows installer):

  • Unzip the package to some folder
  • Run setup.bat
  • Click through the wizard and make sure you are setting the following properties 
    (If you use different settings, you have to change the code in LinqToLdapExtensions.Domain\DomainSetup.cs!)
  • Server must be your localhost and it should be running on port 389
    • Root User DN: Directory Manager
    • Password: password
    • Choose standalone server
    • Directory Base DN: dc=unit,dc=test
    • Directory Data: Choose to Import auto generated sample data (leave number of entities = 2000)
    • Click through the rest of the wizard pages and complete the setup
    • This should have started your new Ldap server...
  • Run \Bat\control-panel.bat to verify the instance is running.

3. Run

Run the integration tests and see if you get some errors. If not, have fun! ;)


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